A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

As a fan of adventure and space games, I decided to have a go myself at creating a game using RPG Maker MV.

Welcome to the development of Ascension Universe. A mainly text-based space adventure where you are free to explore the galaxy, at your own pace. The main idea is for the player to be able to make choices that suits them the most.

Planned Future Features:

  • Dynamic Perks - Depending on the perks the player chooses to upgrade there will be unique text choices, which could be anything from; reduced shop prices, historic information to space encounter decisions.
  • No Generic Shops - You will never see a 'general store', merchant will be the closest however these will be selling unique items. Also companies of all sizes from around the galaxy will try to sell you their products, with their items and prices changing throughout the galaxy.
  • The players main limiting factor will their ship and systems. With all ships and systems having their own advantages and disadvantages, it will be up to the player to decide which type is best.
  • All ship systems visually change as new ones are purchased.
  • Explore many encounters in space such as; stations, pirates, nebulas, asteroid fields, ion fields, solar flares and more...

As you can see these very early versions are free, this is to develop the game with help from the itch community. Everything  is work in progress including in game pictures and effects.

Follow my Development Logs to keep up to date with the newest features.


Arrow Keys/Left Click = Move

Space/Enter/Left Click = Interact

Blue Squares = Objects/People you can interact with

Esc = Menu/Delete

Shift = Run

Page Down = Close Tip


Ascension Universe (Windows).zip 130 MB
Ascension Universe (Linux).zip 171 MB

Development log